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holistic medicine and consultingWe are a one-stop website created to organically help change you and your pet’s health.

It has been shown that 75% of all chronic illnesses are linked to, or caused by, food and our immune responses. We provide the knowledge, contacts, and products to help you shift wellness through nutrition and natural health tools.

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Our Services include:

foot-printHelping you to weed through confusing and misleading claims regarding nutritional changes, natural remedies, and vitamins/supplements to help you and your pet’s medical needs.

foot-printHelping you and your pet take less prescriptive medications

foot-printRecommending natural treatments, vitamins/herbs and nutritional changes for you and your pet’s medical issues with referrals to medical/veterinary specialists in any state.

foot-printSelling physician recommended and created all natural mineral sun screens that are biologically safe and broad spectrum.

foot-printCarrying products that help depression, anxiety, sleep, menopause, prostate problems, elevated cholesterol, gastrointestinal diseases, Celiac disease, MS, cancer, etc. for people and pets.

foot-printBeing the only company to sell a scientifically tested and proven, ALL ORGANIC, bug spray that is totally safe for people and pets of all ages. It is almost 10% more effective than DEET without the toxicity, and repels mosquitoes, ticks, fleas, black flies, roaches and gnats.

Family Health Care

For any issue, a healthy answer for you and your family.

healthy living

Whether you have 2 feet or 4, these products will shift your immune system into a healthier place.


We advocate, and uncomplicate, the health/ veterinary care system for you and your pets

Boomer the dog

Information and products that will save you money and lengthen your pets life.


DISCLAIMER- These products and services are for educational purposes only. The opinions expressed by the participants are solely their own and have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. DCP Wellness LLC. products and/or endorsements are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any diseases. Weight loss results and responses to vitamins and herbs may vary. Always consult your physician or healthcare professional before starting any of these products or other wellness or fitness program.

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